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About TNS Erkin

Amusement and leisure activities are important, but TNS Erkin looks further. Conference and debates on social, political, cultural and religious issues are the core of the Utrecht based association program. 
A recent pivotal point reached by TNS Erkin took place on last autumn in Utrecht. On that occasion the association organized a parade to protest against war and terrorism in Turkey. We expected no more than 700 people, but we were told by the police that more than 7,000 attended coming from the whole Holland. All this popularity is a bit too much for founder Armand Sağ who prefers to keep TNS Erkin focused to Utrecht instead of having an extended nationwide association. Nevertheless, the possibility of expanding TNS Erkin in other Dutch universities interests Armand Sağ who is working to create synergies in Tillburg, Arnhem and Leiden.

Each member of TNS Erkin pays a small yearly fee which allows him or her to have discounts on books or snacks having the possibility of participating to all the events organized by the association. The association is organized in three committees and one board. Each committee is formed by 2-4 persons, while just 3 to 5 members belong to the board. At the top stands the chairman. As TNS Erkin chairman, Armand Sağ has to organize meetings, while all the social, cultural and sport activities pertain to the committees.

Although TNS Erkin exists since the 2005-2006 schoolseason, it was enrolled in the Chamber of Commerce on september ninth 2007.


The Board of Turks Nederlands Studentenassociatie Erkin,

Armand Sağ
Founding chairman T.N.S. Erkin

2008 TNS Erkin

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