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TNS Erkin (an acronym for: Turks Nederlandse Studentenassociatie Erkin) was founded in 2006 because a group of four student, led by Armand Sağ, wanted to create an association thought for Turkish students but open to everyone also in Utrecht and the rest of Holland.

It took three years to create and establish TNS Erkin. The association became popular after participating to a debate on a Turkish television in September 2006. The topic of the program was related to Dutch Parliamentary Elections. In fact three Turkish-Dutch candidates were just removed by their parties because of their unclear position on the Armenian Genocide. The television contacted the chairman and founder of TNS Erkin, Armand Sağ, together with other Turkish students associations to discuss the issue but it came to it that Armand Sağ and his Erkin were the only ones who were ready to speak about it on international television, because of their independent position.

The program got a wide coverage by several Dutch media and after that many people contacted Armand asking him how to join TNS. Nowadays TNS Erkin counts approximately 400 members, 150 of them living in Utrecht. Everyone can join the association: Turks and Dutch, men and women, Muslims and Christians. The only condition is being a university student. Several TNS members are in fact Dutch students of Turkish Culture at the Utrecht University.

TNS Erkin's aims are:

1. Speaking out for the interests of the (Turkish and/or Dutch) students;
2. Trying to remove the subjective picture painted about Turkey and Turks in the Netherlands;
3. Improving the knowledge and skills of members;
4. Connecting the members with the commercial world and CEO's.

The word Erkin means “freedom, liberty” in Turkish.


Latest news

Thursdag 12 june 2008

As of today TNS Erkin has closed the season 2007-2008 and will be back for the next season after the summer break.

Sundag 6 april 2008

The results of the General Elections showed that a new board would have to be installed as of today. The new boardmembers are: Tubā Kılıç (secretary) and Yavuz Dağdeviren (treasurer), Armand Sağ was reelected as the chairman. Read more ...


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