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Honorary members

Like most organizations TNS Erkin also has a hall of fame with honorary members, which are awarded to those who have been of extraordinary value for our association. These titles are granted only sporadically, and until now this special status has only been one awarded to one exceptional person. TNS Erkin is proud to elect, for the first time, an honorary chairman and honorary member. This honor is bestowed on Armand Sag.

Armand Sag - Honorary chairman and honorary member for life
Founder and chairman of TNS Erkin 2005-2008

Career in TNS Erkin:
- Founding chairman of TNS Erkin 2005;

- Chairman from 2005 to 2008;

- Chairman Emeritus by 2008;

- Elected honorary chairman and honorary member in 2008;

- Permanent member and chairman of the Supervisory Board from 2008 to 2009.

2008 TNS Erkin

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